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TosiBox is here!

Today’s problem – everything’s connected, but still inaccessible

According to popular opinion you can access anything you need, anywhere, any time, thanks to the Internet. Except it’s not that easy. You’ll have files in your office; how do you get them when you’re out on the road? Or how do you send a file you’ve worked on, offline, back to your own systems? Today’s answer is of course to store files in the cloud, not on your computers. That works to a point, but it’s not the same as being able to log in to your own network and computers on it from anywhere, just as if you were sat at your desk and operate everything from afar.

Or maybe you just need to connect one network to another for some reason. Could be you have an office or three, or your shops need to talk to a central location, or you’ve got webcams, sensors, or anything else that needs to send data securely to and from otherwise disconnected networks.

TOSIBOX was invented to solve all these problems. It is the easiest and most secure way to connect networks together, or access them remotely.

What is TOSIBOX?

A TOSIBOX system comprises a Lock, which is a device connected to the network you wish to access. There’s also a Key, which is used on remote computers to connect to the Lock and from there, access the network the Lock is on.

All TOSIBOX Locks and Keys are part of the TOSIBOX public-key infrastructure (PKI) system of cryptographic authentication. But you don’t need to be a cryptographer to use TOSIBOX.

5 steps, 5 minutes

  1. Take your TOSIBOX Lock and Key out of their package.
  2. Plug in the power to the Lock, then connect it to your network by plugging in a network cable.
  3. Insert the TOSIBOX Key into the Lock and wait for the lights to flash to tell you it’sserialised (cryptographically connected to the Lock).
  4. Remove the Key and go travelling.
  5. Insert the Key into your Windows or Mac’s USB port, and connect back to the Lock.

It’s that easy. Your PC is now just as much part of the network as if it was back at base, and it doesn’t matter if both Lock and Key are behind firewalls. What you’ve done is used your TOSIBOX to establish what’s known as a VPN, or Virtual Private Network – an encrypted tunnel of data across the Internet from your PC to your base. There are many ways to create VPNs, but none as easy as TOSIBOX. For example, other VPN systems require you to do something called “opening ports on your firewall”, and get involved in things like “TCP/IP routing”, but not TOSIBOX.

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