SWZ-HD – HD Switched Zoom Pan & Tilt Camera

 Small, Light Weight Pan & Tilt HD Camera with Switched Zoom Function

Built on the field tested platform of the successful SWZ standard definition camera, the SWZ-HD melds this ground breaking design with the latest developments in high definition IP camera technology.

PTZ IP Camera
Switched Zoom Function
Continuous Pan
270 degree Tilt
1080p30 Max Resolution
Configurable via Web Interface
Embedded Internal recorder
Software app support



The basis of the SWZ PTZ camera is to use multiple lenses and sensors to provide a stepped zoom effect, minimising the size requirement and maximising low light sensitivity.

The SWZ-HD utilises three 1080p imaging sensors, each with a resolution of two megapixels, these are switched into the on-board H.264 encoder. Each sensor is paired with a lens of differing focal length, providing a high definition 10x optical zoom PTZ from a tiny 2” diameter package.

As standard, the SWZ-HD is shipped with 8, 16 & 35mm lenses, providing fields of view from 40° down to 8°. The simple construction of these prime lenses increases the effective aperture, allowing far more light to hit the sensor than would be possible with a conventional optical zoom or varifocal lens.

The high definition H.264 encoded video is based on the same technology found in the VE HD-IP range of fixed cameras. Edge recording is supported by an internal 32GB SD card, recorded files are retrieved via FTP transfer or through the use of PC or Android applications. Camera configuration is supported via a web page interface.

PTZ control is integrated into the ethernet connection, no additional comms channels are required. PTZ functionality can be accessed via VE PC or Android applications, or via the device’s web page.

With it’s internal slip ring the SWZ-HD offers continuous pan and 250° of tilt. The unit is mounted in an environmentally sealed, CNC machined housing.