MKIVD 36x Optical Zoom, PTZ, Dome Camera

A great standard definition PTZ camera for organisations seeking a robust, full function addition to their surveillance or CCTV system. This camera can also be modified to fit any existing system, making integration quick and simple.

Link to product data sheet SG_MKIVD_PTZ_SD


The MKIV D incorporates a Sony FCB-EX1020E Sony block camera with a 36x optical zoom lens.

The camera has absolute position feedback and therefore has the ability to self correct its actual position if external forces act upon it. It also offers eight user preset settings that can be saved allowing PTZ framing and camera racking profiles to be easily recalled.

An internal infra-red cut filter removal mechanism is used to allow the camera to operate in both day and night modes.

Composite video output, power and data to the camera is via the VE standard connector. The pan and tilt drive trains are actuated by gearless stepper motors, reducing the operational noise to a minimum. Pan and tilt speeds are zoom factor corrected, giving fine control over the entire range of the lens with pan speeds up to 100º per second.

Remote control of the camera and motor drives is via Sony Visca or PelcoD protocols over RS232 or RS485 serial connections. VE software controllers are available, as is the option to interface the MKIV D to well known industry standard camera controllers.

The outer casing is manufactured from delrin, shot blasted to reduce reflections and coated to prevent moisture ingress. All external mating surfaces are gasket sealed to maintain its IP65 rating.