Guardian VIP Protection System

‘Guardian VIP’ is a deployable wireless video system, allowing security professionals to deploy a video cordon around a sensitive site or person. Guardian VIP is a rapid deployment system fully contained in a single case, allowing it to be carried easily and discretely between locations. At the core of the system is digital mesh radio technology. The mesh radio allows data to be exchanged in a fluid and self-healing mesh between nodes.

The system has 5 principle components.

1) Concealed Camera Node (CCN) – typically 4 off

2) Operators Node (ON)

3) Operators table/Lap top

4) VIP Panic button

5) Sundries

The included sundries are: CD with software, antenna, AC cables, programming cables, 4 spare batteries, tools for CCN opening. All the components above pack into a single Peli Storm IM2300 case weighing just 15kg.

Guardian copy


Guardian copy                                                         Guardian Control copy


General System Features

• The system is a portable rapid deployable tactical VIP protection system which can be transported/carried between countries, buildings, aircraft, ships and vehicles.

• The selected components of the system are very quickly field deployable, with minimum user input.

• The equipment is deployable to provide visual monitoring of different situational areas around a VIP location.  Typically this will be monitoring of hotel corridors leading to the VIPs room, and also vehicle monitoring.

• The system has general purpose video inputs to allow for connection of general cameras or hotel CCTV.

• The RF bearer is hidden within local RF noise to prevent detection. The RF bearer is digital COFDM for secure non line of sight performance.

• The system can be secured with high level encryption AES256.

• RF power levels and signal blend with background noise.

• RF is digital COFDM offering choice of bandwidths from 2.5, 3.5 5 and 6MHz.

• The system operates wirelessly with no line of sight to ranges of up to 200m.

• Nodes mesh to enable range extension and improve RF coverage.