Evidence Talks – SPEKTOR

Our unique ultra-fast collection technology means SPEKTOR completes collections in minutes.

Deployed against live or powered off systems, SPEKTOR finds target data based on signatures and/or extensions,recovers deleted files, collects volatile memory and comprehensive system information.


SPEKTOR is the most comprehensive digital triage tool available. Used worldwide by police, military, governement and commercial customers, it enables users with minimal skills to safely, quickly and forensicly review the contents of computers, removable media and even cell phones.

It reduces the workload on forensic labs, lowers costs and improves efficiency.

SPEKTOR is the first and only solution to provide all these capabilities in a single, lightweight yet rugged device.

SPEKTOR uses standard & accepted forensic techniques to preserve & protect original data while creating full forensic images or collecting targeted files. SPEKTOR captures details about every file on a system and calculates MD5 and SHA1 hashes for all collected data.

Forensic control is everything and by locking down the process & creating comprehensive audit logs of user actions and system events, SPEKTOR delivers total control.

SPEKTOR uses standard removable USB devices as ‘collectors’ so you can process as many targets as you like simultaneously. Couple this with an easy to use 6 step wizard and you’ve got the ultimate digital triage, forensic imaging and automated analysis solution in one box.