About Us

Stirling Global personnel are innovative and highly experienced with a unique skill-set.

slide-1The Stirling Global team members are selected for their experience and knowledge gained from working in hostile and inhospitable environments around the globe. Whether it has been in snow covered mountain ranges, open desert or beneath the ocean, our team have been there and proven themselves as innovative and resilient people. The team members have obtained multiple skills over the years and offer the best service available providing advice and training in areas of security, intelligence collection, communications and management of tactical assets.

Due to our wide range of skills and services, it is often the case that one or two of our personnel can deliver what others may require a much larger contingent for. This allows us to help clients control costs, operational signature and also allows the task to remain discrete if required. The team are all trained leaders and have the ability to communicate effectively and take decisive action when appropriate in order to ensure that the client’s strategic and operational aims are met. Experience in working in small team environments allows our personnel to integrate with others to form a cohesive and effective group with a common goal to achieve the aim of the client.

Stirling Global personnel are selected for their ability to fit with the company ethos and deliver a wide range of specialist advice and skills to discerning clients. The network of personnel available to us within other global locations allows us to have an ‘in-country’ specialist for most regions of the world, which provides an advantage when arriving in an otherwise unknown location.